Marc Ebermann: E-Bass, Doublebass, Production.

Inga Rumpf: Vocals, Guitar, Piano.

Romy Camerun

Romy Camerun: Vocals, Piano.

Jörg Seidel: Guitar, Vocals.

Frank Fiedler: Doublebass, E-Bass.

Dirk Piezunka: Saxophon.

Glissando: Ralf Jackowski and his Band

Michael Zadow: Bassplayer and electronic specialist. He repaired an old Prophet T8 for me and developed a new kind of bassamplifier.

Benny Grenz: Pianist from Bremen and Student of Joe Dinkelbach.


Nautilusfim: Jan Haft and Christian Roth and their team from Nautilusfilm make fantastic documentations and nature films.


Herzenswünsche e.V.: Registered association for children and young persons who are critically ill.

Klaus Kuhnke Archiv: Musicarchive.

Wilhelm13 : concerts and literature in Oldenburg

Nil Edition: the new German Book Vol 1 with some of Joe Dinkelbach's compositions is released on this publisher.

Toonbankrecords: Recorddistribution from the Netherlands.

The International Archive For The Jazz Organ